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Cisco HCS Migration

Phoneware Cisco HCS Migration and Support Services

Every customer premises based PBX telephone network set-up is unique.  Quite apart from this, the Nortel/Avaya CS1000 and Meridian PBX systems (both legacy and current) have a vast array of telephony features and parameters.  This requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how best to transform/map these features and parameters to the HCS CUCDM bulk loader format. 

Phoneware’s engineers and development team have over 90 years’ experience between them in the Nortel market; installing, supporting and developing solutions for these systems.  Cisco, its HCS Partners and large enterprises will have the full benefit of this expertise during the onboarding and migration process.

Phoneware provides a full migration support service by extracting the data from Avaya, Nortel and other telephone systems and transforming this data into a format that can be used for provisioning on Cisco’s UC platform.

Phoneware’s migration and support services will compliment Cisco Advanced Services HCS onboarding and migration experience and methodology to deliver a highly efficient, low error rate, rapid, and repeatable process.

Scope of Work

Phoneware’s migration services will include the following

  • User data extraction from End-customer PBX systems
  • Delivery of End-customer data in a format that can be imported to the Cisco HCS CUCDM bulk loader
  • Consultancy support for the creation transformation profiles from extracted system data to HCS CUCDM bulk loader format
  • Troubleshooting support of diagnosing errors resulting from incorrect/erroneous input data.

Avaya | Nortel Systems Supported

Phoneware’s expertise and migration support services are not limited to, but will include the following Nortel and Avaya system types and software platform releases:

Hardware Platforms:

Legacy Nortel Systems -

  • Nortel SL-1 – ST
  • Nortel SL-1 – NT
  • Nortel SL-1 – XT
  • Nortel Meridian Option 11
  • Nortel Meridian Option 21
  • Nortel Meridian Option 51
  • Nortel Meridian Option 61
  • Nortel Meridian Option 71
  • Nortel Meridian Option 11C
  • Nortel Meridian Option 11C mini
  • Nortel Meridian Option 11E
  • Nortel Meridian Option 61
  • Nortel Meridian Option 61C
  • Nortel Meridian Option 81C
  • Nortel Communication Server 1000 (CS1000)


Avaya Systems -

  • Avaya Definity CSI
  • Avaya Definity S
  • Avaya Definity R
  • Avaya Communication Server 1000 (CS1000)
  • Avaya Communication Manager
  • S8100 Media Server with CMC1
  • S8100 Media Server with G600
  • S8300 Media Server with the Avaya G700 Media Gateway
  • S8700 IP-Connect
  • S8700 Multi-Connect

Software Platforms


Software Platforms:

  • Nortel X11 Release 16.xx thru 25.xx
  • Succession CSE 1000 3.x through 7.x
  • G3V3-G3V10
  • 1.2 to MV 1.3.2
  • CM2 thru CM6

Press Release

For further information on our Cisco partnership agreement please see our press launch here

Further Information

If you’d like to hear more about our Cisco migration service, please contact us