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IntegrationThe task of maintaining personnel data in different software applications has always been an administrator’s nightmare. As a solution, Phoneware has produced and Integration Module which ties together the personnel data in its three telecommunications applications: PhoneMaster (Administration Tool for Avaya Communications Manager & CS1000’s), CallBill (Call Accounting) and Directory (Online Corporate Directory).

Identifier Changes Are Replicated

Now, when you change and identifier record (e.g. Last Name, First Name, Department, Email etc.) in one application, this change will automatically be made in the database in the other applications…without having to do anything.

New Fields Are Also Replicated

Any new identifier fields which are added to any of the product databases will also be added automatically to the other product databases, and data changes involving that field will be included in all future synchronization’s.

(Note: All new data fields created can be used as a ‘searchable’ fields in Phoneware’s Directory module.)

Memory Resident Service

The Integration Module runs as a memory-resident service, which starts automatically and constantly polls the application databases for changes in common data which needs to be replicated in other applications. When changes are found. They are replicated in the other application without any user interaction required.

Real-Time Integration

The Integration Module’s Synchronization Interval is variable and can be set as low as 1 second. This means that data changes can be replicated instantaneously.

Integration Module – Administration & Technical Information

Administration Module

The Integration Module comes with and Administration Module which allow you to change the synchronization parameters

Synchronization Interval

This determines the frequency with which the Integration Module polls the application databases for changes

Synchronization Priority

If changes are made to the same identifier in multiple applications, the Synchronization Priority determines which change will be used

Update Name Displays

This option allows you to specify that the Name Display database in PhoneMaster should be updated as well as the identifier fileds,

Start/Stop Service

This allows the administrator to start or stop the Integration Module service

Synchronize Databases

This allows you to perform a manual synchronization of databases

Product Details

Display Details of each of the product database parameters, including Path and Connection settings

Data Source Setting

Determines whether or not a product will be used as a source for updates. If the Data Source is set to No, then the product will only receive changes and will not generate changes for other products.

Integration – Sample Screen Shots

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