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PhoneMaster Demo

PhoneMaster 6 – Download Demo

Thank you for your interest in PhoneMaster.  The demonstration software comes with a pre-loaded database that allows you to use all of PhoneMaster’s programming features as if it were a live copy of the software. You simply save your programming changes to a schedule when prompted.

Once downloaded and installed your login credentials are: Username: admin – Password0000. Please feel free to call our Support Team for a quick overview of the product or for any assistance with installing or using the software.

Download PhoneMaster Demo

Technical Requirements & Installation Guide

Installation Guide

 PhoneMaster Login Credentials: Usernameadmin / Password0000 The following procedure describes how to install the PhoneMaster Interactive Demo.

  • After successfully downloading the PhoneMaster Interactive Demo, run the file name PM6DemoSetup.exe from the directory where you downloaded the file to. This installs the PhoneMaster files in a directory of your choice (the default directory being C:Program Files\PhoneMaster6 Demo).
  • Run PhoneMaster from the Program Group, or from the Start Menu, or run PhoneMaster6.exe from the PhoneMaster directory chosen in Step 1. PhoneMaster login requires a username and password. The default username is “admin” and the password is “0000″.
  • PhoneMaster’s on-line Help facility will guide you through its features and how best to use PhoneMaster when programming telephones. The on-line Help can also be viewed by clicking the Help button or the F1 key on any screen or by using the Help menu.
  • For any assistance with installing or using the software, please contact the Phoneware Support Team:

E-mail: support@phoneware.ie Telephone: +353 (0)404 68711 Toll Free: (USA) 1-800-660-9248 Freefone: (UK) 0800-1698618

Hardware Requirements

Processor: Pentium ® III Processor or higher
Memory: Minimum 1GB RAM

Operating System

PC: Windows XP, Vista,  Windows 7 to 8
Server: Windows Server 2003 to 2012