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Phoneware’s Standard Terms & Conditions


Phoneware Standard Terms and Conditions:

  1. Prices quoted are net of any local or withhold taxes that may be applicable.  If due, they are the sole responsibility of the client and should be paid directly to the IRS, so that the net amount payable to Phoneware is as quoted and invoiced (see tax statement below).
  2. Phoneware is not responsible for the connection between the PC/Server and the telephone system.
  3. Pricing does not include any hardware, which must be supplied by the client where required.
  4. Remote installation support charge includes 30 minute product overview training.
  5. For CallBill, Phoneware is not responsible for the system CDR configuration.  For optimum performance, sites with call volumes in excess of 3000 calls per day require access to SQL Server (not included in the pricing).
  6. PhoneMaster for Avaya CM requires AES (Application Enablement Services) Server using SMS (System Management Service) to be installed.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, quotations are valid for 60 days.


Phoneware Limited is an Irish based and registered company.  Exports from Ireland are rated 0% for taxation purposes in Ireland.  All invoices and quotations reflect this.

All payments made by the Client to Phoneware should be made without any set-off or deduction for or on account of any present or future taxes, levies, duties, withholdings or other charges of whatever nature imposed, levied, collected or withheld unless the Client is compelled by law to do so.  If so compelled, the Client will pay such additional amounts as may be necessary in respect of its obligations hereunder in order that the net amounts after such taxes, levies, duties, withholdings or other charges will equal the respective amounts due.